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Welcome to Kate’s Quickies where you get one link, maybe two to help you on your writing journey.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my office closet. Insert a big sigh *here*  Think of it as a huge closet with book shelves and room on the floor to store stuff too. I know I’m not utilizing the space properly but I’m kind of at a loss. Mind you, I live with the most organized man on the planet and his mentality is “clear the decks and get rid of it,” which is a godsend because he never clutters BUT the kids still complain about the stuff they didn’t take with them when they moved out that he generously donated to Goodwill. I’m not ready for hubby’s assistance until I have a plan. He loves it when I have a plan.

Not sure why he chuckles.

To the rescue came my friend Geri who is a confessed organization and gadget geek who loves organizing magazines. Yep, I’m outing your Geri. How is it I get to hang out with people who think with the left sides of their brains and can solve math problems with lightning speed??? I always say I became a preschool teacher because I only needed to teach counting to ten, but I digress.

On a recent trip to Florida I literally swooned over Geri’s copy of Getting Organized Magazine. How geeky are we? Lyin’ on the beach ogling containers. Seriously. Happily for you and me Getting Organized Magazine has a great information packed website and a blog with the tagline: Treat Yourself to Some Sanity. Now how could you go wrong with that?

Ooh and guess what? They also have an article by a reader/ photographer who decided she needed a Picture Perfect Office. It’s gorgeous and some of her ideas might well become a part of my plan.

There’s lots to see here, everything from Stop the App Insanity and How to Get Your Kids Out The Door in the morning. Hope you enjoy the link!

So tell me, are you super organized or a close-the-door-quick so people can’t see person? It’s ok to brag/confess here. Do you have any links, sites or magazines that have helped you organize your office? Please share! I need a plan….

I’ll be off the grid for a week or two but I’ll be back for a follow-up of last weeks post Write Your Way to Weight Loss and Better Health on Friday, October 18th. Come share your successes or stop in to offer encouragement.

Have a happy healthy day! Don’t forget to write! ha!