Kate’s Quickies

Welcome to Kate’s Quickies page my mini blog posts where I give you one link or one video to help you on your writing journey.

Why one? Because you already know there are tons of great writing blogs and websites out there with lots of information.

Putting it simply, this is the place to go to if you want to get a hit of great info from the pros and quickly get on with your life and your writing.  Enjoy, breathe and go write something good!

What Novelists Do While Their Books Remain Unwritten — fun video of authors, Terri Blackstock and others “procrastinating” to the song Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield. Between the four of them, these authors have written over 200 plus books  

Taking Risks With Your Writing: Can a mid-list traditionally published children’s author who spends little time on social media find success? Yes, she can and as it turns out she’s not the only one. What did the author of Grave Mercy and others do to get pre-empts at auction and book promo deals? Here’s the link: The Writer’s Life Is Full of Second Chances

Great link from publishing veteran Alan Rinzler whose clients include Toni Morrison, Clive Cussler, Robert Ludlum and a host of other great fiction and non-fiction authors. The Book Deal: A Publishing Blog for Writers and Book People in my humble opinion, is one of the best blogs out there for traditional and self-pubbed authors because of its insightful commentary on the biz and spot-on craft advice. Fun to visit because I always learn something, it’s also fun because Mr. Rinzler clearly loves writers and books, just like we do:) Recent posts include It’s In The Details, Writers!, Launching A Successful Blog Tour and When Do You Need An Editor?

Are you confused about how to market your book? Looking for ways to improve your website? Jan Bear’s site Market Your Book makes the process clear in a friendly, concise manner. Every Wednesday she examines an author’s website and writes about what they did right. Want to know what makes the website of Rick Riordan author of The Lightning Thief work?  How about Lauren Hillenbrand author of Unbroken? Yep, me too:)  Jan’s Website Wednesday makes this Kate’s Quickie worth it’s weight in gold but her inspiration and craft posts during the week are just as valuable.

2 thoughts on “Kate’s Quickies”

  1. Glad I read this. I had missed that wonderful post last year on Writer Unboxed.

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