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Welcome to Kate’s Quickies. Usually when I do a Quickie post it’s one link, maybe two but today I decided to slow down, relax, take a walk and give you a few great links to make you think about your work in progress and hopefully encourage you to do the work necessary to make it shine out there in the marketplace. Take a seat and let’s chat.

My bench by the Wabash

My bench by the Wabash

Much comfier than my old hard bench our first stop today is Red Sofa Literary the blogging home of literary agent Dawn Frederick. I love her tagline: “Sometimes the best ideas are associated with a red sofa.” I’m new to Dawn’s site but after reading several posts I feel I can safely say you’ll find valuable career information about all aspects of the publishing biz whether you choose to self pub, traditional pub or go indie or hybrid. Her latest post is a chat with Kelly P. Simmon from Inkslinger P.R. Kelly and Dawn dish on creating a buzz around your book.

Next link is all about writing craft pure and simple. Literary agent and super-duper workshop speaker Donald Maass wrote an excellent post on Writer Unboxed called The Map and The Trail. But don’t just read his post. Copy the instructions and do the work. I did and found an entire path of cookie crumbs along the trail that my subconscious had buried and found out that my heroine’s journey is so much more subtle and complex than the journey I had plotted for her.  It was one of the best writing sessions of my week and I continue to find these clues and bring them to the forefront throughout the book as I revise. Love when the magic happens!

Walk The Trail

Walk The Trail

Would you like to learn more about craft but don’t have time for a formal class? Look no further than editor Lorin Oberweger’s Write Line Blog. It’s a mini writing course every day. Some posts go deep and ask more of you but hey, that’s what a good teacher does. Check out the Deep Scene Challenge posts. I have Lorin’s Deep Scene Lesson questions at my side as I revise. It helps me slow down and it forces me deeper on days when I want to just skip stones and play.

Also, if you’re looking for a more formal workshop like Donald Maass’s Writing The Breakout Novel you can check out Lorin’s offerings on the same site as her blog. It’s a super-store of great workshops hosted by some of the best teachers in the business. Don’s workshops are terrific and the best money I’ve ever spent on my career.

Where do you go for craft, writing and business advice? Please tell us your favorites. Do you have a site of your own that helps writers with an element of writing craft or business? Have you had a magic moment in your own writing this week? Let us know in the comments.

Have a happy healthy day!

Now get off my bench and go write:)