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Welcome to Kate’s Quickies where you get one link, maybe two to help you on your writing journey. Why only one? You’re busy. Quickies are all about one link to grab and go so you can get on with your writing. Easy in, easy out.

Uber-literary agent Kristin Nelson’s blog Pubrants has long been a go-to resource for writers. Brilliant and savvy in all things Big 6, Indie and Self-pub this is a blog worth subscribing to. I like her straightforward, no bull attitude, maybe you will too. Check out her new post on Hybrid Authors and scroll down for why she never asks for sample pages.


Hubby and I are trailing behind snowstorm Virgil on our trek northward from Florida to Indiana. We just experienced rain, fog, hail and a tornado watch in Kentucky all in the space of 30 minutes. Crazy stuff! Tomorrow, snow, snow, snow all the way home. Our goal is to beat our poor postman John home so he doesn’t have to attempt an unplowed hill with three weeks worth of mail in knee-deep snow. Wish us and John:) luck.

Have a happy healthy day!