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Welcome to Kate’s Quickies where you get one great writing-related link, sometimes two. Usually on the weekend. Quick and easy. In and out. No wasting time. Get back to your writing:)

So, I’m totally breaking the rules today. It’s Monday, it’s New Year’s Eve and “Baby it’s Cold Outside” is my theme song/favorite phrase of the week so I’m going to give you two links that will send you down a warm fuzzy path of all things writing related that could take hours. Yep. Hours. Not my usual grab-and-go. So…   fluff the throw, make yourself a cup of something warm ( Irish Coffee anyone????) and snuggle up:) you worked hard this year!

Author and writing coach, Cate Russell Cole has compiled an incredibly handy list of links from her own posts, links that include great writer apps, writing craft and author videos from authors like Amy Tan. Great stuff here. Lots to explore.

Mystery author Elizabeth Spann Craig posts Twitterific once a week with an expansive list of writing related links that feeds into The Writer’s Knowledge Base- http://hiveword.com/wkb/search  Impressive. Anything you want or need to know about writing is here.

Happy New Year!

If you have a favorite writing link, please share.