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Welcome to Kate’s Quickies where you get one great writing-related link, sometimes two. Usually on the weekend. Quick and easy. In and out. No wasting time. Get back to your writing:)

This article from Slate was featured in my local newspaper and I thought it was so clever I had to pass it on. It’s all about 9 ways to gift an e-book for the holidays AND tuck it under ye olde Yuletide tree. I’m certain this is just the tip of the iceberg and all you creatives out there will come up with ideas for birthdays, graduations and just about any old holiday you can think of — and it’s a whole lot more fun than a gift card.

If you have time, please share some of your ideas. If you’re an author, how could you gift your own book with pizzazz? Feel free to leave a link:)

Have a happy, healthy day, now go write something good!