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Welcome to Kate’s Quickies where you get one great writing-related link, sometimes two. Quick and easy. In and out. Don’t waste time. Get back to your writing:)

This week, I was writing hot and exceeded my page count/word count for the day. The next day I reviewed what I had written and somewhere in my white hot madness I wrote in the manuscript, “Does this even make sense?”  Sorry to say it wasn’t dialogue between my characters.  It was my internal editor. Sigh.

Then I remembered there’s a little feature/editing tool called track changes where you or your internal editor:) can make comments, see the changes you make in a different color text and highlight anything that might need more research like words you might want to look up or change in order to make a passage stronger. You can even choose your colors. Writers love colors!  For me text changes are blue and highlighting is minty green:)

The best part of Track Changes is that you don’t lose your creative flow and you can easily see the things you want to take a second look at when you revise.

So guess what? After a few minutes of canoodling around the web I found the perfect link and instruction for track changes using Windows and Mac.  It will probably take you fifteen minutes tops to read and start implementing. I don’t know why I waited so long! Geoff Hart’s A Short Guide For Authors and Editors

Do you use track changes? Love it or hate it?

Have a healthy happy day! Now go write/revise something good.