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Welcome to Kate’s Quickies where you get one great writing-related link, sometimes two. Quick and easy. In, out. Don’t waste time. Get back to your writing:)

I’d never heard of the Writing Forward website until I stumbled upon it yesterday. I am wowed by it’s broad scope and writer friendly features. Whether you’re having a plotting problem or need some uplifting advice, I think this site can point you in the right direction.

The magic behind the Writing Forward community is in it’s mission statement: “share helpful and inspiring creative writing tips and ideas to benefit the greater writing community.”

Doesn’t get any better than that. Stop by. Hone your craft. Get inspired. Go write something good.


Have a happy healthy weekend!

Kate~ ( who’s scrambling to make her page count for the week because of a muddled middle. OY! Please send cyber-cookies and chocolate. Thank you 🙂