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It’s good to be back…

Our lovely daughter got married on October 13th to a terrific man who our family has embraced for several years now. All those months of planning and list-making finally paid off and our family had an entire weekend of love and laughter. It was so good to have something to celebrate since losing my Mom this past April. My 89-year-old father got a passport for the first time in his life thanks to my brother, who also happens to celebrate his birthday on October 13th. Thanks Bro and Happy Birthday again!

We were delighted that my Mom’s last remaining sibling, my Aunt Sarah, age 82, who lives in Stratford, Ontario also got her passport and attended the weekend of fun too. My dear mother-in-law, Betty, age 89, loved being able to see her only granddaughter get married. Hubby and I get lots of inspiration from our sharp as a tack seniors, that could be an entire post in itself!

But it wasn’t just a wedding and a grand reception… hubby and I knew early on we wanted to prolong the festivities and have a big old barn party the day after the wedding for all our out-of-town guests. My daughter and her new husband were in awe that so many people stayed on. We figured at least 60 or more from California, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Canada. The happy couple couldn’t walk past my husband or I without saying thank you. I can close my eyes and see everyone so clearly. Laughing children, grinning adults AND dogs wearing tuxedo bandanas:) Hey, we know how to throw a party!

Needless to say after everyone left hubby and I gushed all night, all week and well into this week and quite possibly into eternity:) about how much fun we had. Sure we were tired and we had to clean up, but it was all worth it.

On Sunday morning while I was drinking my coffee I saw this:

A low-lying mist that seemed to envelope my world in a peaceful hush. I stepped quietly outside as if any noise made by me would break the spell.

In the barefoot moment I took these pictures, the soft silence, cold wet earth and mist was serving me a gentle reminder to cherish my time and the people in my life while I still walk this world. To be in the moment. To make moments count. Not just the big events, but the moments, the small wonders, like this.

By the time I returned to the house and grabbed another cup of coffee and a pair of socks to warm me the mist was gone.

Yet it remains…

I cherish every single person that joined us on the wedding weekend and I will keep those memories close.  A beautiful ceremony, a gorgeous happy bride, her smiling groom, giggling children, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, nieces and nephews and funny dogs wearing tuxedos.

I am grateful.

Thanks for standing by while I was busy making memories. I’m looking forward to continuing my journey with you here on this blog and I’m looking forward to seeing and hearing what you’ve been up to as well. You are my inspiration, the reason I write. Writer’s need readers:) Readers need writers. A perfect little circle of love. Let’s make some memories!

What have you been most grateful for this week or this month? Any reminders from the universe to slow down, live in the moment or to cherish a memory? Please share!

Have a happy, healthy day!