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Sorry everyone, this is not my usual happy happy Magic Monday post.

With the popularity of movies like The Hangover and Bridesmaids is it any wonder people don’t know how to behave when it comes to weddings???  A recent article in my local newspaper,  Stay Classy, Dude — Their wedding isn’t your big day, so try to avoid being ‘that’ guest touches on all the mistakes a guy can make at a wedding. Everything from stealing a centerpiece (don’t, they could be rented) to believing every bridesmaid there is looking for a hook-up. Sorry guys, it just isn’t true.

I have a new one to add to the article. Poor BEFORE wedding behavior.

My daughter is getting married in October. The reason for my little rant today is because a 46-year-old male family member asked my daughter if he could invite two friends ( a couple ) to her wedding reception.  My daughter knows the couple, who are also in their late forties. My daughter is 25 so they aren’t exactly running in the same circles. I know them to see them, have never had a conversation with them and they were NOT on the list of invited guests and I mean not even on the radar as a maybe. Here’s the gist of the conversation,

“I have a question, can I put T and D down on my RSVP for your wedding?”

I’d like to know when people started forgetting that the real world isn’t like the movies. I’d like to know when people think it’s ok to ask a bride if they can ask THEIR friends to HER wedding and reception which is on OUR tab. I’d like to know when this man grows up because right now he sounds like a 10-year-old.

What is the worst thing you’ve ever seen at a wedding? My daughter says the worst thing she’s seen is a D.J. who brought his scantily clad adult daughter to the reception where she proceeded to do some dirty dancing with any man whose feet touched the dance floor. Why? Why? Why?

The bride was horrified. Someone had to tell to Daddy Dearest D.J. to yank Baby off the floor and put her in the corner.

In light of that example my husband tells me things could be worse, but I’m just not feeling the love here.

So tell me — what’s the worst thing you’ve seen at a wedding? Feel free to rant. We can help each other feel better and bring a little Miss or Mister Manners back into our day.