Hi! It’s been a while since I posted a Quickie. Vacation was great after I got over the shock of being completely unplugged. Try it. I dare ya! But I digress…

If you’ve been here before simply scroll down and get your Quickie:) but if you’re new, read the intro.

Introduction: Welcome to Kate’s Quickies, my mini blog posts where I give you one link or one video to help you on your writing journey.

Why one? Because you already know there are tons of great writing blogs and websites out there with lots of information.

Putting it simply, this is the place to go to if you want to get some great info from the pros so you can quickly get on with your life and your writing.

If you comment, I’ll reply but please don’t feel guilty for not commenting. Consider Kate’s Quickies a no guilt zone, a chance to grab and go and get on with your precious writing.

Kate’s Quickie: What can I say about SlushPileHell? It’s funny. The tagline goes like this; “One grumpy literary agent, a sea of query fails, and other publishing nonsense.”  Wit and humor are dispensed quickly so this link won’t take too much of your time BUT if you become a regular reader something strange will happen.

Your gray matter will absorb the snarky comments and the pithy advice. I pray to the writing gods that I never, ever, make a mistake that appears on SlushPile Hell:)

Enjoy your day,  take a deep breath, and go write something good.