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Hi everyone! I thought I had my internet connection figured out while we were at the cottage in Canada but I was sadly mistaken.  I have just spent a week with no internet and NO television. We do have a DVD player, a box of DVD’s, a microwave and indoor plumbing. Whew. Can’t live without that microwave:) Right now I’m in Micky D’s about twenty miles away from the cottage havin’ a coffee and a muffin.

Hubby and son are catching lots of fish. The dogs love all the new smells around here and I’m reading, writing, walking, and deconstructing lots of movies. I’m also working my way around some terrific Ontario red wines in the evening *wink* *wink*  and having lots of great conversations with the family about old times, new times, the upcoming wedding of our daughter, and dreams for the future. It’s all good.

I’ll be reconnected and back in full force on Monday July 23rd. “See” you all soon!