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The Introduction is for new readers. If you’ve been here before simply scroll down and get your Quickie:)

Introduction: Welcome to Kate’s Quickies, my mini blog posts where I give you one link or one video to help you on your writing journey.

Why one? Because you already know there are tons of great writing blogs and websites out there with lots of information.

Putting it simply, this is the place to go to if you want to get some great info from the pros so you can quickly get on with your life and your writing.

If you comment, I’ll reply but please don’t feel guilty for not leaving a comment. Consider Kate’s Quickies a no guilt zone. All links eventually end up on the Kate’s Quickies Page at the top of the blog so feel free to come back anytime.

Today’s link from YA writer Natalie Canale is not only inspirational it’s also a pointed look at craft and how to “bring the awesome”  from my super-smart editor and friend Lorin Oberweger. After you read the interview with Lorin, you might want to stick around and hang out cus this is a great blog filled interesting interviews and other good content for writers. How can I, and you, possibly resist a blog with the title Dreams Can Be Reached? Yep, I see you smiling….:)

Have a wonderful day, breathe deep, and go write something “AWESOME!”