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The Introduction below is for new readers. If you’ve been here before simply scroll down and get your Quickie:)

Welcome to Kate’s Quickies, my mini blog posts where I give you one link or one video to help you on your writing journey.

Why one? Because you already know there are tons of great writing blogs and websites out there with lots of information.

Putting it simply, this is the place to go to if you want to get some great info from the pros and quickly get on with your life and your writing.

This is also a quilt-free zone. If you comment I’ll reply.  I know from my own experience that I feel a twinge of guilt when I don’t comment or thank a writer for a post. Do NOT feel guilty for NOT commenting.  My no-comment stance for Kate’s Quickies is just my way of giving you a few extra precious moments in your day to do what you love. Write.

All links will be posted on my Kate’s Quickie page at the top of the blog so you can come back anytime.

I actually have two Quickies today 🙂 I was so impressed with these two links I couldn’t split them up. Here’s the scoop:

Having a hard time keep up with the ever-changing world of publishing? Me too. I’ve been looking for well-reasoned commentary on this topic for some time and I think I might have finally found it. Bo Sacks- Precision Media Group delivers a daily industry newsletter which  Writer’s Digest says is “thought provoking, enjoyable and educational”  It was also voted one of their best 101 Best Websites for authors. I’m in!

Award winning book designer and author of The Self-Publisher’s Companion Joel Friedlander’s blog, The Book Designer takes a professional look at book design, book marketing, and the future of books. Well reasoned advice, thinking outside the box and lots o’ links to other industry pros who can help you make your book a success. Joel’s blog is also among Writer’s Digest top 101.

Tomorrow in the U.S. and Canada we celebrate Mother’s Day. Happy Mother’s Day! Hug and smooch your Mom, you best friend, your cousin Lucy, any and every woman who’s been a guiding light and a mother of your heart. In fact, don’t wait until tomorrow, do it now:)

Enjoy today, take a deep breath, and go write something good.