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My post on Monday made me think a lot. Hubby always says, “Uh-o”, with a big grin on his face when I make the “thinking” announcement. Anyways, I was thinking mostly about time, myself and time, writers and time. All good for a time travel author, huh? Somehow this lead to me to think about all the resources I use for writing and how much fun it would be to share them someday. Here’s the “Uh-o.” With having so many authors, writers and pro’s helping me along the way,  how could I share these resources in a succinct way that wouldn’t take away more time from my day or yours? After all wasn’t that the whole point of Monday’s post?

Yes, it was.

Then I started thinking how I could make a blog post short. Really short.

Then I came up with Kate’s Quickies. (Doesn’t this train of thought sound like the children’s book If You Give a Mouse A Cookie and I’m the mouse? No wonder I read it to my kids so much. Ha!)

Anyways….In addition to my regular Monday posts about health, art and history etc. for creative souls, I’m going to do quick one hit posts for writers. If you aren’t interested in writing, you can skip ’em. You’ll know what they are by the title Kate’s Quickies. 

One link or one video. No fanfare, maybe a little explanation. Just one link that might help you grasp a writing concept, a writing business concept or a link that might inspire you to push yourself further and deeper in your writing. I’ve had lots of great teachers over the years and there are tons of pro’s, agents, editors, and book publishers who want you to know about the industry. So many resources, so little time. I hope I’m not the only author finding it difficult to keep up with it all.

Here we’ll do it one link/resource at a time. When you visit a Kate’s Quickie, I want you to take a deep breath. Exhale. Enjoy. If you’re already overwhelmed by writing advice this week, skip it.  I’ll always post the subject so you can decide whether you want to visit or not. No guilt. Remember my post on Monday? Deathstars and guilt????

If one of my links or videos is related to what you’re working on and it helps you, I’ll be happy and I’ll be paying it forward to all the people who’ve helped me. I won’t tax your already overloaded brain with tons of info. Besides you can come back to the Kate’s Quickies page on my blog and all the links will be there anytime you need them.

In keeping with the no-frills approach, don’t feel obligated to comment.  Of course, if you do comment, I’ll reply:) The whole point of me blogging this way is that I want to ease your workload while getting you fired up for writing. I want you to WRITE because I want to read your books someday:)

Quickie posts will be on the weekend either Friday, Saturday or Sunday, no specific day or time schedule. This makes it loose and enjoyable for me too.

I’ll still do my regular post on Monday for all you terrific creative soul/reader/writer people out there. I’m working on a way to shorten those posts too— and I think my experiment with Kate’s Quickies will lead me to more insights about how I blog and how I want to fit into this social media world. I hope you don’t mind coming along for the ride!

For today my hope is that you find time to sit, breathe and write something good.

See you tomorrow with a Quickie:)