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What I love most about blogging and reading all of your blogs are the great adventures I can have while stretched out on my couch with my laptop, a cozy throw and my faithful little dog Earl snuggled up beside me.

I had a grand adventure this week.

Recently in the Writer Unboxed Newsletter one of my all-time favorite authors Diana Gabaldon was asked what book influenced her most. Her answer? Mr. Mixie Dough a book she loved as a child.

So of course, this got me thinking about the books I loved as a kid and which ones were most influential.

One of my favorite books as a child was The Little Lame Prince. It’s about the Little Prince who suffers a trauma and loses the use of his legs but travels via a magic cloak that takes him on some great adventures.  I can’t remember plot specifics  but I do remember the prince’s refusal to be bitter and vengeful about his losses. He was always kind and thoughtful. Since I was probably around eleven when I read it, I think kindness and empathy were good traits for a young lady nearing middle school age to read about.

I do remember how different this book was.  I lived in an age way before Harry Potter and all the cross genre books being written for children  now. I was sitting in a sea of Nancy Drew and Trixie Belden.  Besides fairy and folk tales, I don’t remember many books for my age group that dealt with magic. If I had to guess, The Little Lame Prince was possibly the first paranormal chapter book I’d ever read and to this day, the paranormal genre never ceases to delight and amaze me.

Diana Gabaldon searched for Mr. Mixie Dough and found him. Could I find my Little Lame Prince? Grabbing my laptop, my *magic throw*, a cup of Yorkshire tea, and my little dog, I went off in search of him. Before I hit send on my Google bar I took a deep breath.

What were my chances of finding some obscure children’s book that no one but me cares about?  I counted to three and hit ENTER. Well, ok, I didn’t actually count to three. I was too excited to see what happened next.

Here’s what I found:

Photo from Etsy -washmybooty

In the words of the seller: “The Little Lame Prince by Dinah Maria Mulock and illustrated by Hugo Con Hofsten. First published in 1875. Based on the woman that I bought this book from, I’m estimating it to be between 1900-1920’s. There are no dates in this book.”

Happy Dance! I had no idea it was first published in 1875.

Next, I found this 1948 edition! Isn’t it pretty?

Photo from Etsy -cynthiasattic

And then,  I found my Prince — a 1969 edition. Isn’t he the sweetest little guy?

Photo from Etsy - Kathy's Sewing Room

Ok, so he looks a little girly but I also think he looks kind and thoughtful — and check out that saucer-like cloak. Isn’t that awesome? I also love how the author’s name is written Miss Mulock on this edition. It adds to the sweet innocence of the book cover and story.

My own copy of the book could be buried in the basement of my family home in Canada.  My Mom, aunts and Grandma almost always wrote the dates and occasions in the books they gave me so I’m hoping if I do find it, it will have an inscription. It would be fun to know who gave it to me.

In the meantime, and just in case it’s no longer there, I bought the 1969 copy shown above. Unlike a vintage copy of Diana’s Mr. Mixie Dough which could cost Diana over $200.00, my book only set me back $4.00.  Not a bad price for an excellent adventure!

What was your favorite children’s book? Why? Do you still own it or do you need to borrow my *magic throw* and my dog? 🙂 If you do search for it, I sincerely hope you find the book you’re looking for and you come back and tell us about it. Like treasured friends, it’s such a comfort to see and read the books you once loved as a child. It just makes me smile knowing I’ll see my prince soon.  I hope you’re smiling too:)

Have a magical day!