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Today I have exercise on my mind. I’m feel a little guilty. I’ve been away for a week at Writing The Breakout Novel Intensive working my butt off in a different way and didn’t once plug-in my exercise DVD’s.  

I went for a brisk 30 minute walk almost every day but there were things I could have done better like take the stairs more often instead of the elevator. Some days it was just easier and more pleasant to hop on the elevator with a new writing friend (waving to Dana:) from class.

Today I ordered a really great fitness gadget to get me back on track and to motivate me to exercise more often.  No? I’m really excited about a new gadget. Have you heard of the company Switch 2 Health? No? They started by getting America’s children up off the couch by rewarding them for exercise. As it turns out adults and kids around the world love their gadgets too. A few weeks ago they unveiled a clever little pedometer:

What’s so great about it? For every ten thousand steps you earn reward points that you can redeem for gift cards from Sears, Sports Authority, online games, Audible Books and other retail outlets. Lots of stuff for kids too and for the price of 19.95 it could pay off to have a couple around the house. Coming soon — points will be redeemable at amazon.com. You know I’ll be all over that one:)

If you’re a beginning exerciser or have health issues that limit your workouts this is perfect. You don’t have to accumulate your 10,000 steps every day. You can break it up any way you see fit *bad pun intended* and tailor it to what your current health situation allows. The pedometer simply picks up where you left off every time you use it and it registers a reward code when you reach the 10,000 step goal.

I’m ordering a Switch 2 Health pedometer for those days when I don’t feel like exercising hard and only want to hop on the elliptical or hike some trails.

Think about this; you can log points whether you’re shoe shopping, walking the kids to the bus stop or taking a writerly stroll to Starbucks  to mull over a plot point. Win-win! Improve you health, improve your creativity brain cells — it worked  for Stephen King, Henry Thoreau, Vincent Van Gogh —  and get a reward.

Sounds good to me! Does this sound like something you might try? Should we be rewarded with material things for exercise? What color are you going to order? Inquiring minds want to know! Feel free to leave a comment and go for a walk!

Have a wonderful day!