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Hello blog! I told you all that I would post an update everyday or every other day from my Writing the Breakout Intensive experience in Louisville Kentucky and I haven’t kept up at all. Sorry.

To attempt to encapsulate even one of the workshops into something as small as an update would be difficult and I think a disservice to everyone. Being here is very much like trying to take a sip of water out of a firehose and totally unlike any writing conference or workshop I’ve ever attended.

I’m learning to think about my writing and my manuscript in new and unexpected ways and I’m having a ball doing it!

My purpose in coming here was to take my fiction writing to the next level. I can say with absolute conviction that my purpose has already been realized.  Before I leave here on Sunday I will have the right tools and will know what it will take (lots of work:) to be the best storyteller I can be. That’s exactly what Donald Maass and crew wants for everyone who attends a Writing the Breakout Novel Intensive. Isn’t that cool?

I promise I’ll share once I settle back down to work and real life.

It’s been an amazing adventure. See you on Monday!