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What a week this has been! Ever had one of those trial by fire weeks when no matter what you did nothing went right? This week was my week.  But it did have its bright spots so this Friday is a different sort of Bangers and Mash-ups.

Bright Spot #1 – My blog has been given an award! Here it is:


Blogger Angela Wallace passed The Liebster award to me. It’s purpose is to honor small blogs working their way up. Thank you Angela, for your support and friendship. And a big shout out to all of you for making this blogging thing so much fun by leaving thoughtful, fun comments.

Angela learned that blog awards should link back to the person who awarded them to you so I’m passing the info on.

The best part about The Liebster is I get to give it to four more well-deserving bloggers.

Cue the trumpets for these four lovely ladies!

Barbara MacDowell’s Blog: brings us the news from the world of pop culture, past, present and future. She has a terrific mash-up of links relating to entertainment news, writing and craft every Friday. It’s a mash-up I look forward to sitting down and reading every weekend.

Naomi Bulger’s Blog is a feast for the eyes and the heart. Naomi discusses living in Australia, her travels and the little things in life that make a big difference. Check out her Favorite Things Fridays and you’ll see what I mean. Be prepared to say ahhhh…

Brigette Booth’s Blog:   Reader, teacher, writer. I like to think of Brigette’s Somewhere In Time blog as slice of life meets history. Always a fun read, with kind, thoughtful posts.

Carrie Spencer’s Blog:  What can I say about someone who considers herself a crazy cat lady and has a thing for woodchucks? Carrie’s blog is my go-to place for a smile. Ah, but there’s more here than just laughs. This funny lady is also the brains behind Woody knows WordPress. A fantastic resource for all bloggers including techno-challenged people like me.

Bright Spot # 2. My blog has been tagged by the hilariously funny, pretty in pink Natalie Hartford’s  Blog.

The rules are:

1) I have to tag four more bloggers (it’s nice to let them know ahead of time via e-mail in case they’re really busy and can’t participate)

2) I have to list ten random facts about me.


1) I was born and raised in Stratford Ontario Canada, home of the famous Stratford Shakespeare Festival and birthplace of Justin Bieber. Want seven degrees of separation? My brother walks daily with a woman and her husband whose neighbor’s granddaughter was in elementary school with Beebs. Me and Justin. We’re tight.

 2) I learned to read music and play the piano when I was four years old.

3) My Dad had an aviary in our basement. He raised love birds, finches, parakeets and cockatiels as a hobby.

4) My Mom worked as a waitress at a diner in Stratford called The Nut Club. No one made fun of me for having birds in my basement and a mother who worked at The Nut Club. In the window of the diner facing the street there was a platform that held three taxidermy squirrels sitting at a tiny little table, smiling, holding drinks, playing checkers and eating nuts. Mom didn’t like dusting the little fellas.

5)  I met my husband at a hockey party. A party I never planned on attending.  He asked me to play foose ball. I whooped him. He fell in love. I fell in love. 32 years later…. he doesn’t remember I whooped him at foose ball.

6) When my daughter was three, I almost drowned in a Mommy-and-Me swim class. She was fine, she could swim…

7) My son beat me in a foot race when he was four years old.

8) I trained and completed my first half-marathon when I was 47. Which is proof that even if a four year old beats you in a foot race and you almost drown in a preschool swim class you shouldn’t give up on athletics.  

9) My nine pound rat terrier’s name is Earl. He’s a big hit wherever we go except to men who are actually named Earl.  At first blush people think it’s a reference to my historical writing as in Earl-of-Whatever-Town. I wish. My husband just thought Earl was a cute name for a little dog.

10) My husband and I worked together to name our children. Thank God.

So that’s me, writer, daughter, wife, mom and wanna-be athlete with a wee dog named Earl.

Time to cue the trumpets again! Tagged bloggers and gracious cyber friends are:

Cheryel Hutton

Marion Spicher

Jennifer Tanner

Joye Koenig

 You’re all IT in my book ladies! Can’t wait to read your ten random facts!

 Have a great day everyone and a happy weekend!

 Kate MacNicol~