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Hello! I have a great way to kick off the weekend.

On the table this morning for Bangers and Mash-ups — store-bought bran muffins — sorry I didn’t have time to bake— fresh pineapple and organic French Vanilla yogurt. Coffee, lots of coffee.

After many years of thinking e-readers would be never be popular, I’m in the market to buy one.

Do not throw that muffin at me. 

I polled friends, the children of my friends, people on planes (yes I did) and relatives. Every person I chatted with loves their Kindle, I-Pad or Nook. I settled on a Kindle. I was ready to get on Amazon’s site and order a Kindle 3G but an earlier discussion with my husband made me do a Google search first.

Was anyone coming out with something new and wonderful for the holidays?

Guess what I found?

Early adopters and tech people are saying that Amazon is coming out with a Kindle Tablet as early as September/October in time for the holiday season. That could mean any day now!

Mind you, Amazon isn’t saying anything, they’ve only verified that they are indeed going to release a new tablet style e-reader soon. Here’s the info I’ve compiled from various sites. 

It will be cheaper than an iPad. Some reports say $399.00 others say $299.00 or lower. I say TERRIFIC.

It will work on a 5G Android system and it will have a touch screen. Sounds good to me.

There will be two sizes: a ten inch model and a 7 inch model. I’ll probably go with a seven-inch model. Not sure. Which one would you choose?

Video streaming will either be free with purchase or free for a limited time. Besides books and videos there will be apps. Apps! I get apps!

I’m very excited about this development. I can’t wait for Amazon to make the announcement to see how much it is, how it works and what it looks like.

Which brings us back to books. I love finding new authors and I found some practically at my back door in the amazing group of writers I met in Kristen Lamb’s Blogging To Build Your Brand class. These people find time for all their passions whether it be their favorite charity, their families, or their day jobs, and as evidenced in their blogs (see My Circle of Friends) these women are definitely passionate about writing.

Are you looking for something fresh and new to read too?  Get your e-reader humming…it’s the long weekend…

Chemistry, destiny and everlasting love- Nothing Stays In Vegas by Elena Aitken

Lighthearted romantic comedy – The Last Page by Lacey Camey

Riveting fantasy adventure – Entangled by Tracy Bell

Mismatched strangers meet and connect- Airmail by Naomi Bulger

Young Adult – ups and downs of young love in a small Nebraska town – That Boy by Jillian Dodd 

“Chocolate to romance to anything in between” Steena Holmes writing as Anya Winter – The Master, The Blindfold, Stampede Fever

Biologist and a Colonel discover a young dragon and find love – Keeper of Legend by Cheryel Hutton

Bold, sexy, spy story between an MI-6 spy and an unwitting heroine – Spy Babe by Sharon Louise

Passionate love powerful enough to span the centuries – Again by Diana Murdock

Telepath and a spirit wolf work together to solve murders- The Puzzle Keeper by Megan Nafke

Tender, down to earth approach to praying and prayers – Simply Prayer by Virginia Ripple

The complexities of women’s friendships and the power of “one for all and all for one”- The Bridge Club by Patricia Sands

Phoenix who takes human form finds love but is stalked by a serial killer – The Phoenix Feather by Angela Wallace

Are you excited about the new Kindle? Why or why not? Are you an early adopter and need to have the latest gadget? Would you trade in your old e-reader for a new Tablet?

Have a lovely weekend!