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 Good morning! Breakfast on the run today. Orange juice and whole wheat toast with almond butter this morning. It’s Monday. Around here it’s supposed to be Just Another Magic Monday but I’m not feelin’ it yet. 

I figured some of you might need a boost too, especially those of you who felt the power of high winds and are still feeling the aftermath of Hurricane Irene. I was going to list these apps and tools in descending order and save the best for last. Why do that? In the interests of all of us having a great day I’m giving you the best first because if you do one thing to elevate your writing today you should do number one. Kind of like eating dessert before the main meal.

I Write Like –  Does Stephen King or Stephanie Meyer lurk in your prose? Why do you need this? Because it’s Monday. Your plans are to kick it in high gear and you need your engine revved and ready to go.

You were planning on kicking it in high gear — right? Ok.

This is way too much fun. Go to this site, the link is below, and insert a few paragraphs of your writing. Try some paragraphs from your WIP, your blog or an article you’ve written then hit analyse. My manuscript has Cory Doctorow all over it. Wow. Instant ego boost. Suddenly I’m awake and my WIP is hummin’ a little siren song. It’s even wearing a plaid shirt, funky glasses and a sly little grin. See how this works?

Apparently my blog style is David Foster Wallace who wrote Infinite Jest. I’m sorry to say I’d never heard of Mr. Wallace but I’m going to check out his books soon. I’m not jesting. <G> 

Side note: according to the news clip where I discovered this site someone plugged in the words of Mel Gibson’s cellphone rant to his ex-wife. The result? — Margaret Atwood. Ouch.

Enough of my jabbering. Go try it now, I’ll wait.  http://iwl.me/

Back? Next on the list is Language Is A Virushttp://languageisavirus.com/ Why you need this: You now know who you write like but maybe you’re stuck; maybe your WIP isn’t singing to you yet. Maybe it hasn’t sung to you in months. Sure you could grab another cup of coffee or walk around your desk ten times but Language Is A Virus is more productive.

This is a vast writer’s website dedicated to games for writers of all genres, poetry and freelancers. This site could easily become a procrastination tool so use at your own peril. Games to help you name your characters, overcome writer’s block, start stories or articles and much, much more. It’s the type of virus you want to have.

 iBlue Sky app: Why you need this:Whether you’re brainstorming at the coffee shop or you simply want to catch your great ideas before they disappear into the ether, there are some cool mind mapping tools to help you capture, summarize and organize your ideas. http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ibluesky-mindmapping/id291664204?mt=8   XMind is a similar approach available for free download on your lap or desktop – great for planning out your next blog post. http://www.xmind.net/

Storyteller app – Why you need it: This is a I’m-stuck-in-an-airport-because-of -Hurricane-Irene idea generator that uses a mix of written scenarios and photos to kick your creativity in high gear, it even helps create characters. http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/storyteller-storycharacter/id315179568?mt=8 

WorkLog App: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/worklog-lt/id335847912?mt=8 A very simple interface which allows you to track the time you’ve been working on a project. Why you need this: Because by the time you’re finished using the above tools you’ll be dripping with creativity and you’ll want a log of the marathon writing session you’re going to have today. 

Seriously, this is a nifty tool. You can track different projects by including notes etc. and it’s FREE. Happy dance! Online download:http://softwaretopic.informer.com/online-work-log-app/

After you’ve kicked some writing butt come back and tell me who you write like. I’d love to know. Also, if you have any tools you think are great, let me know that too. I’ll include it next time I do a writing fun blog post.

Happy Monday everyone! Now go create some magic.

Kate MacNicol~