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 Last Friday in Bangers and Mash-ups I talked about people who fly without recipes when they cook and the people who always follow a recipe. Me.

The comments you shared were awesome and gave me yet another reason to celebrate our differences. We are all so wonderfully unique in our approaches to cooking, writing and life. We all do what’s right for us.

Your comments also made me think about being a little more creative with my own cooking, which is a real leap for me. And then, bam!

Out of the depths of my memory came a recipe that both fly-by’s and recipe lovers will enjoy. Today it’s more cooking for the creative soul. This recipe is unusual, fast, and easy because you make it in the microwave.

I remember when microwaves were the new technology. They were fraught with wonderment — you can cook a frozen chicken breast in under five minutes! — and they were fraught with rumor — it could make you sterile! I always had over-the-range models and to this day I never stand in front of it while it’s working it’s magic. I need to keep all my brian cells thank you.

This 1940’s model was five and a half feet tall and weighed 750 pounds.

Then came the spiffy RadarRange in 1957 for domestic use. The name was a winner in an employee contest. So Sci-fi!

By the mid 1970’s microwave sales outpaced the sales of gas ranges. I remember when my husband and I bought our first microwave. It came with a spiffy cook book and I attempted to cook everything from scrambled eggs to broccoli-cheese casserole. Does anyone remember the microwave popcorn popper?

We take our poor microwave for granted though. Several years ago when we rented a nice cottage on a lake in Northeastern Canada I was taken aback (actually my husband would say it was more like shock and awe) to find out we didn’t have a microwave.

For two weeks everything had to be warmed up in pots. You might not think this is a big deal but when you’re with a grown man and two teenage boys who eat non-stop, that’s a lot of pots.

In fact I urge you to try this: Tomorrow morning when you want to reheat your coffee don’t press the button to open the microwave door, reach in the cabinet and grab your saucepan. See? You love your microwave don’t you?

Robert Coverdale of Whitesnake

This weekend show your poor under-appreciated microwave some real love by getting creative with a recipe from the cookbook that came with my first microwave. It involves chocolate and butter. 

You’re goin’ early 80’s here. Back when we cooked bacon on a microwave-ready bacon rack. Cue Whitesnake’s, “Is This Love?” while you stir this up.

Rocky Roads: In the microwave soften one stick of butter in a large bowl. Pour in one regular size bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips and one regular size bag of butterscotch chips. Stir. Put bowl in microwave for 2- 3 minutes on 70 percent power depending on how powerful your microwave is. You don’t want to “cook” the chocolate/butterscotch chips just soften them.

Remove bowl from microwave. Stir until the chocolate chips and butterscotch chips are blended and pour in one small bag of marshmallows. Stir lightly. Spoon into a 13×9 pan. Refrigerate for about an hour to set.

For the creative fly-by cooks: Add up to a 1/2 cup of another ingredient like dried fruit or nuts. I’ve played with the chocolate mixture, dark chocolate and peanut butter chips, milk chocolate and toffee chips and it’s all good. Next time I’m going to try dark chocolate, butterscotch and dried cranberries.

Since I’m trying to promote writer wellness I can’t in good conscience leave you with just this recipe. It wouldn’t be healthy:)

So here’s a super healthy fly-by recipe for mango salsa from my dear friend and fly-by cook extraordinaire Natalie Eggeman: 2 mangos peeled and cut up.  kernels from 3-4 grilled corn on the cob or 1-2 cups frozen corn – you throw it in frozen and it’ll defrost in 15 minutes.Juice from 1 lime, 1- 15oz can of black beans (rinsed)1 small red bell pepper chopped (optional) 1/2 red onion (chopped) 1 – 2 tsp ground cumin 1 – 2 teaspoons tabasco sauce, 2 T. olive oil

 If you try these recipes let me know. Better yet, if you try these recipes and play with the ingredients let me know. Do you have a microwave story/recipe? Has your microwave ever done you wrong? Please comment and share.

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Don’t eat all the Rocky Roads!

See you on Monday!