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Bangers and Mash-ups –Friday’s are short posts of fun food or writing topics, sometimes both! Today, cooking for the creative soul.

Have you ever asked your grandmother or mom for a recipe and instead of reaching for the cookbook they begin reciting it to you?  When I’m faced with this I follow along until it comes to quantities. You know it’s going to amount to a little of this, a pinch of that and maybe about a quarter cup— no wait, wait, wait… I think it was a half cup of this. It’s what I call a fly-by recipe.

 I don’t usually cook this way. But the other night I wanted to cook something simple, fast, and healthy and was too tired to search for the recipe. Could this be where all fly-by recipes are born? I’ll have to ask my mom and mother-in-law. Will they tell me? I doubt it. They come from a generation of women who don’t admit to being too tired to do anything.

Anyways back to me — and me being very tired. 

I grabbed some frozen shrimp, cooked it in a little sesame oil until it was unthawed and placed it in my pasta strainer while I added a little more (maybe a couple of teaspoons) sesame oil to the wok. I threw in a bag of colorful frozen veggies which consisted of snap peas, red and green pepper, weird mini-me corn cob thingies (does anyone know what those really are?) and water chestnuts.

 I grated in a little fresh ginger, a spot maybe— ha! Mom would be proud of my non-measuring skills — of sweet red Thai sauce then threw the shrimp back in with the veggies until hot, poured it over brown rice and voila, I had a fresh healthy dinner and it was every bit as good as the recipe. Sometimes when we just throw a few things together and it works.

This got me thinking, are their other fly-by recipes out there? Could there be people who cook like this all the time? Sure enough, I found a delightful website called Food Whirl.  Here’s how they explain their method: “cooking is both an art and a science. The key to successful experimentation in the kitchen is knowing when you can be an artist, and when you must be a scientist.”

An entire of colony of home chefs flying by the seat of their pants. Crazy cool. For the faint of heart, there are actual recipes throughout the site because baking apparently falls under science. Who knew?

Sounds a whole lot like writing a first draft doesn’t it? We can fly by the seat of our pants and let our minds create the story and fill up the pages but even if we’re pansters in the end we do have to apply science in order to structure, edit and revise our books so they turn out just right.

photo by africa

What’s happening in your kitchen and/or writing life right now? Art or science? Planner or Pantser? Do you have any fly-by recipes to share? Love to hear from you!

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See you on Monday!