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Welcome to Just Another Magic MondayMagic Monday is the day where we pour ourselves a cup of tea or a wee dram, sit, relax and discuss. Ready?

Last week I read something in my local newspaper that totally captivated me.

How would you feel about placing your smartphone on a disc about the size of a quarter on a tombstone and immediately download photos, videos, family history and audio of the deceased person’s voice?

Rosetta Stone best known for it’s learning language programs is the manufacturer of Memory Medallions a small granite disc that adheres to a tombstone. Families who buy them are issued a password and access code to a special site where they download information about their family member. They are allowed to update the information as often as they please. 

From a historical perspective I think it would be fun to see the family history and hear the voices of some of history’s great heroes, musicians, artists, and writers. Heck, it might even be fun to hear from history’s thieves, liars and cons too.

by Kaizen Verdant

 It makes my heart ache to think about the people who are gone from my life and how wonderful it would be to hear their voice one more time. A good friend of mine told me that after her father died her mother found it impossible to erase her father’s voice from their answering machine. But a couple of my friends were reluctant about the audio part of the memory medallion. Too spooky and too sad they said. 

What would I say if given the chance to record a message before I passed? Would I be funny? Serious? Funny and serious? What would you want to say?

We’re all nice people here. But what about the not so nice out there? The curmudgeons who want to torture their families by saying nasty things like, “I always knew you were a loser.” Oy. That in itself could begin a novel.

Thinking about nasty people and their possible hateful messages causes my writer brain to have a field day. I’m willing to bet your brain is churning this over too. Need another cookie? Stay with me on this…

Imagine a woman named Christine who is searching for her sister. Christine finds out from her sister’s boyfriend that her sister Shelly died suddenly and under mysterious circumstances. 

What if Christine and her sister had a secret language they shared as kids? What if Shelly recorded a memory disc knowing someone was trying to kill her and used words from their secret childhood language on her disc that could possibly solve her murder? Yeah, it needs work — but you have to admit there’s a great story in there.

And that’s what I think captivates me. One little disc that can tell you the story of someone’s life. Their shining moments, their happiest times, their birth, their family, their escapades, their great story.  

photo by PisforPaper

What do you think of memory discs on tombstones? Good idea or bad technology? Would you want to hear a loved one’s voice or do you feel like my other friends that it’s too sad or spooky?

Do you see any downside to this device on a personal level? Does the idea of a memory disc on a headstone spark any novel ideas? Please tell me your thoughts. As always, comments are welcome! Oh, and please pass the shortbread. I think I need a cookie.

Come back of Friday for a helping of Bangers and Mash-ups. We’ll discuss healthy living for our creative souls and I’ll have some good links to share.

To read the original article that sparked the idea for this post: www.journalgazette.net/article/20110731/LOCAL/307319896/1002

Have a Magic Monday! Kate~